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SPECIALTY GRADED COFFEE ONLYWe guide you through the Danish Coffee Culture and help you find the best coffee in Copenhagen. May that be whole beans from a small micro roastery or that fruity espresso from a local café, then we got you covered!
Scandinavian CoffeeWhat makes Scandinavian Coffee so unique?
Renowned for it's light roast profiles the Scandinavian coffee scene really pushes the limits for bright filter coffee and acidic espressos. Some café only have light roast options whereas others such as The Artisan Copenhagen offers a wide variety of different roast profiles with their inhouse micro roastery.
COFFEE VARIETIESThe Roasteries today have an aboundant of knowledge about the coffee they choose to work with. There are well over 100 varieties within the Arabica coffee, each having their own unique qualities. It can be hard to find a roastery working with single varieties, but The Artisan Copenhagen is doing just this. From Peru they work with the Black Coffee Farm and their Caturra and Red Bourbon Arabica varieties.
Located in Copenhagen, we continously explore the next new thing in the Scandinavian Coffee Capital

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