ESPRESSOThe classy Italian method of extraction is widely popular in the western world to make an intense and caffeine-packed single (or double) shot of coffee. The pressure develops the characteristic crema on top and disperse coffee oils into the shot, adding to the rich flavour and the alluring aroma of espresso. The crema symbolises a proper espresso made with quality beans roasted under the right conditions. The shot is commonly used for other coffee drinks such as cappuccino, cafe latte, macchiato and what not.

It is heavily debated how the perfect espresso should be made, but we like to say the extraction should be somewhere in between 25-30 seconds at 9 Bars pressure with a very fine grind, however, a recent study proposed something very contradicting: using less – but coarser coffee grind for a shorter extraction time at lower pressure – would ensure improved extraction, confirmed by another study as well. This increased extraction however, will inevitably be at the cost of the body of the cup – which is what many love the espresso for.

it is safe to say that there is no perfect recipe, which is why it is up to you, the barista, to give your take on the perfect espresso.

DARK ROASTDark Roast coffee has previously been the sign of a seasoned, hardened palette designed to tone low-quality flavours down. However, the rise of the third wave and the focus on quality beans have increased the requirements to the roast and the industrialised roast found in the shopping isles are no longer accepted by the coffee enthusiast. That is also why our Roast Master, Bjorn, is carefully Hand Roasting to enhance the savoury notes from the sugar and amino acids without compromising the lactic acid in the real quality coffee beans.