Shop Flair EspressoIf you are looking for the best and also most affordable espresso machine for 2021, then the Flair Espresso is your choice!
We are a proud reseller of the Flair Espresso Machine in Scandinavia.
Located in Denmark we ensure the distribution of the Flair Espresso product line so anyone can make real espresso - anywhere!
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Espresso made rightFlair PRO 2
EspressoMade affordable

Only 1199,-

The classic espresso makerFlair Classic

Only 2195,-

” I am pressing 50 cups a day back to back on the mobile café. I am simply amazed by the utility of this simple espresso machine “

Kim Jeppesen

Mobile Barrista

The PRO espresso makerFlair PRO 2

Real espresso at 2900,-

AccessoriesFlair Essentials
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