FRENCH PRESSThe French Press is a younger brewing method and has become increasingly more popular, now being one of the most widely recognised home-brewing devices. It makes use of full immersion to extract all the savoury notes from the sugar and amino acid to get a good texture and luscious body. It is therefore, with good reason that French Pressed coffee remains many people’s standard for rich and luxurious full immersion coffee. For these attributes, it does really well with lower altitude beans, as well as medium or even darker roasted coffee. The beans should be freshly ground in a burr grinder to get a desirable coarse grind.
Tip: See our section on achieving the bloom in the French Press method
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MEDIUM ROASTYou will find that our Medium Roasts has a brown color with a very little oily surface, thanks to a longer roasting time, but at lower temperature. Our Roast Master, Bjorn, roast any bean at minimum 20 minutes. This ensures the medium acidity and body, but enhances the caramelisation of the sugars in the beans for a rounded flavour profile and minimum bitterness. You will be able to taste the fruity notes from the lactic acid and getting the same creaminess as characterised in darker roasts.
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